have created an account in Office 365 called email@mydomain.com. I’ve assigned it a license and I can log into that account’s OWA, so I know the password is good.

In the Ricoh printer configuration, I have specified the following:

SMTP Server Name: smtp.office365.com 4

SMTP Port No.: 587

SMTP Authentication: On

SMTP Auth. Email Address: email@mydomain.com

SMTP Auth. User Name: email@mydomain.com

SMTP Auth. Password: ******* (It’s the correct password)

SMTP Auth Encryption: Auto-Select

Additionally, the Ricoh printers require you to specify a sender when you scan-to-email. In the sender information, I have the following:

SMTP Authentication: Enabled

SMTP User Name: email@mydomain.com

SMTP Password: ******* (It’s the correct password)

It seems like no matter what combination of settings I choose, I cannot get this working. I’ve tried it with\without SMTP authentication on the sender, and SMTP Auth Encryption set to Active/Inactive/Autoselect.

The printer does support SSL/TLS, so I should be able to authenticate to Office 365 without any issues. Does anyone have a successful way to configure a Ricoh printer for Office 365?