How to set up Scan To Email for Office 365

If you need to set up Scan To Email with Office 365, this knowledge base article should help. Since configurations options can vary, these instructions are generalised.

Method 1: Using Office 365 as the SMTP Server

We use the documentation here:

The three requirements are as follows:

SMTP Server

You need to set the printer’s SMTP server to

Email Account

Set the email address as something from your domain, you need an account that has a valid mailbox (e.g. to authenticate to O365


You need to enable and use SSL/TLS on the device.

Method 2: Using SendGrid as the SMTP Server

  1. Sign up to SendGrid here. There is a free option if you’re not sending a lot of emails.
  2. Once SendGrid is setup, you simply need to configure the printer with the server, username and password highlighted below.