Archive Search for Outlook allows you to perform various functions with messages that are stored on your organization's Barracuda Message Archiver, including:

  • Synchronization of your archived folders with Outlook
  • Search for archived messages and other Microsoft Outlook data, such as Contacts
  • View and interact with (forward, reply to, etc.) all of your archived Outlook items
  • Access stubbed attachments
  • Archive messages

These functions are available directly from within Outlook, allowing transparent access to your messages and attachments, all with no browser interaction required. All that is needed is a network connection to your organization's mail server and to the Barracuda Message Archiver.

Configure Archive Search for Outlook

  1. Log into Outlook, and go to File > Barracuda Networks:
  2. Click Configure. The configuration dialog box displays:
  3. Click Log On. In the dialog box, select Barracuda Message Archiver, and enter your Barracuda Message Archiver URI, for example:
  4. Enter your Email Address and associated domain (LDAP) Password:
  5. Pls change from Barracuda Message Archiver to Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service 
  6. Click OK.