For this demo, Infrastructure Requirement:

  • 1 DC SERVER ( 
  • 1 Client PC running Windows 10 (CLIENT-10)

01 – open Server Manager Click Add roles and features.


 02 – Click Next to proceed


03 – Choose Remote Desktop Services installation button and click next to proceed.

Screenshot (1).png

04 – on the Select deployment type box, click Quick Start (I choose this because I only have One Server for RDS and Remote Apps)

Screenshot (2)

05 – Next, on the Select deployment scenario box, choose Session-based desktop deployment.

Screenshot (3).png

06 – On the Select a Server box, verify your RDS server and the IP address (in my case, my RDS server is /

Screenshot (4).png

07 – On the Confirm selections box, verify the roles to be installed and click Restart the destination. box and then click Deploy.

Screenshot (5).png

08 – wait till the process completed. your server will restart after the RDS roles installed.

Screenshot (6).pngScreenshot (8).png

09 – once you log in to the server, on the Server Manager, click Remote Desktop Services. and then click QuickSessionCollection to proceed with next configuration.

Screenshot (9).png

10 – On the RemoteApp Programs column, Click TASKS and click Publish RemoteApps Programs.

Screenshot (10).png

11 – Next, on the Select RemoteApps programs box, choose any software that you want to publish to our users. for my case.. I going to use Server Manager to publish to Administrator. so I Select Server Manager.

Screenshot (11)Screenshot (12)

12 – Next, on the confirmation box, verify the program that you want to publish and click Publish button then Close.

Screenshot (13)Screenshot (14)

13 – Next, on the Windows 10. open  Internet Explorer and type your full server link such as in my case this is to log in to your RDWEB website.


14 – Next, click on the More information then Click on Go on to the webpage (not recommended).


15 – on the Work Resources page, enter your Domain user name & password.


16 – Finally, you should have your Server Manager on the RDWEB page. in my case, is my Server Manager for Administrator Purpose only.


17 – to verify the functionality of the program, double click on the Server Manager and click on the Connect button.

666 (1)666 (2)

18 – And see on… my Server Manager is now open.

666 (4)