FIX: Outlook cannot print unless an item is selected. (Solved)

In the latest versions of Outlook, some users may experience the following errors when trying to print an email in Outlook: "Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item, and then try to print again" or "Printer not Ready", while the printer prints normally in any other application.



This article, contains step-by-step instructions to fix the following printing problems in Outlook:

  • Printer not Ready.
  • Cannot print unless an item is selected. Select an item, and then try to print again.
  • Outlook crashes while printing HTML emails.
  • This error may due to a missing or corrupt Outlprnt file. To correct this problem, restart Outlook


Method 1. Ensure that the Printer is OK.

Make sure the printer is properly connected to your computer, does not display any errors (e.g. a paper jump), and prints normally from other applications.

Method 2. Delete Outlprnt File.

1. Close Outlook application.

2. Press the Windows imageR keys to open the run command box.

3. Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Outlook and press Enter.



4. Delete the OutlPrnt file. *

* Note: If you cannot find the "OutlPrnt" file proceed to next method.


5. Start Outlook and try to print.

Method 3. Run Outlook in Safe Mode.

Another method for solving Outlook printing problems is to start the Outlook application in safe mode and check if the problems remain.

1. Press simultaneously the Windows imageR keys to open the run command box.

2. Type: outlook /safe and click OK.

outlook safe mode



3. Try to print an email and according the result perform the corresponding action mentioned below:

  • If you still cannot print, proceed to next method.
  • If you can print without any problem, proceed to find which add-in cause the problem. To do that:

a. Click the File menu and select Options.
b. Select Add-ins at the left pane.
c. At the right pane, select COM Add-ins and click Go…

disable outlook add-ins



d. Uncheck all the checkboxes to disable all the Add-ins and click OK

turn off outlook add-ins

e. Restart Outlook.
f. Try to print again. If you can print without problem, proceed and re-enable one-by-one all the disabled Add-ins and restart Outlook, until you find which one causes the problem.

Method 4. Repair Office installation.

1. Open Programs and Features in Control Panel.

2. In Programs and Features, select the Microsoft Office product that installed on your system and click Change.

office repair



3. Select Repair and click Continue.

Repair Office


4. Select the Quick Repair option and then wait the Office repair to complete.

5. After repair, open Outlook and try to print. If the print problem persists, follow the same steps but this time choose the Online Repair option to reinstall your office product (requires an Internet connection). *