The Samsung Galaxy is a very popular line of phones, based on the queries I receive from users who are complaining that Outlook is creating a new folder called "Junk" or "Spambox" and moving mail sent from their co-workers to the Junk folder. The users don't have rules set and when the user moves the mail back to the Inbox, it gets moved back to the Junk folder. If they turn off the phone, the mail stays in the Inbox. (That is the first clue that it is not Outlook's fault.) 

The solution:

  1. Go into the E-Mail app (on the phone)
  2. Press the Menu Key, select Settings, then General Settings
  3. Select Spam addresses and remove any addresses that should not be in there, such as your corporate domain.
  4. If the address is not on the Spam address list, also check Rules for filtering.