I’ve the got the following error after reinstalling an Exchange 2013 Server.

Setup cannot use domain controller ‘<dcname.fqdn>’ because an override is set in the registry. Run Setup again, and specify ‘/DomainController:<other dc fqdn’.

The problem was that i statically assigned a domain controller to this Exchange Server after the old installation.

So I tried to hint the setup brought up and ran setup.com with the /domaincontroller Parameter. But I got the same error

after a short search in the registry, i saw that there was still some stuff from the old installation. Especially the configuration from the “MSExchangeADTopology” Service, which provides the AD informations to Exchange services, was still there and caused this problem.

So after deleting “ConfigDCHostName” and running setup again, everything worked fine.

You will find this value within “HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\MSExchange ADAccess\Instance0”