You can create your license service manually inside LMTools. The instructions below will walk you through creating your very own custom license service manually.

How to Create a Service in LMTools:

1. Launch the LMTools application (found inside C:\FlexLM) and go to the Config Services tab.

2. Write a new service name, say “KeyShot License”.

3. Browse to the lmgrd.exe, license (.lic), and debug.log files. You should be able to find all of these files in your C:\FlexLM folder. Note that the debug.log is created after you start the service. For now, you can simply specify the correct path: C:\FlexLM\debug.log

4. Enable Start Server at Power Up and Use Services. Then click Save Service and OK.

5. Launch LMTools and go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab. Enable Force Server Shutdown and click Stop Server. You may also stop the service within the Windows Services dialog (services.exe).

6. Click Start Server. You may also start the service within the Windows Services dialog (services.exe).

7. Open the debug.log file inside your C:\FlexLM folder (this folder contains the licensing software). The debug log will reference your license file and tell you if the server started on your computer system.