Local profile folder contains USER.DOMAIN.000, USER.DOMAIN.001 folders

   We discovered on several Terminal Server Farms (RDSH farms) that there were a lot of local profiles with the folder names like:NickvanVuren
NickvanVuren.CONTOSO.002Local_Profiles_FoldersThis was strange behavior because we have applied a Group Policy Object with the option “Delete cached copies of roaming profiles”.Group_Policy_Delete_Cached_Copies_of_Roaming_ProfilesThe strange thing is, that when i looked into the folders, there were a lot of *.tmp files that are locked.
Z@xxx.tmp files are left behind in Temp folder after printing.Z@R8BE2.tmp
Z@R8677.tmpTMP_Files_Local_Profile After some research, we find out that these files are coming from Adobe Reader.When a user print a document out of Adobe Reader, the *.tmp is created in the following local profile folder.
C:\Users\NickvanVuren.CONTOSO\AppData\Local\Temp\9Cause the files are locked, you can’t delete the local profiles. This is only possible after a reboot.

The Fix

After some research, we discovered that the solution is pretty simple:Download file (acroct.zip) and extract it in the C:\Windows folder. see attached fileSo; now you should  have a file named “acroct.ini” in the folder “C:\Windows\”.Windows_Folder Now when a user logs on to the farm and starts Adobe Reader (PDF file), prints this file and logs off the local profile is removed