Agent Options

Friday, November 13, 2015

10:18 AM

This step will take place AFTER ACTIVATION!

  1. On the left side of the "HELP" tab on top you will see an "OPTIONS" tab
  2. Go to "Agent Options" under the "Options Tab"

Input the following:

(Mark Products example)

  1. Input the Server Host Name or IP address:Ā 
  2. SMTP PORT: 587
  3. SMTP login username:
  4. SMPTP Password: STD!MP
  5. SMTP authentication Method: Auto
  6. Use SSL: Off
  7. Use TSL: Off
  8. Email from Address:
  9. Email to Address: (this does not change).
  10. Custom Subject Prefix: MP-test1
  11. Custom Body Prefix: (NONE)
  12. Send Email on Success: ON
  13. Send Email on Failure: ON
  14. Send Daily Report: OFF
  15. Send Weekly Report: ON

Once you have completed the steps above, send a Test Email.

After you receive the test email you should be good to go.